5 Things to do when you buy a new smartphone

Upgraded from 4G to a 5G smartphone and wondering how to set up your new device? In today’s post, we are sharing five things to do after buying a new smartphone. But before we begin, let’s cover some basics for setting up a new Android phone for first time users. Login using a Google account read more


Tips to counter fake news. #senditback

Fake news has proved to become a matter of global concern over the course of the last few years. The spread of fake news has resulted in situations of violence and chaos across India. In 2019, the spread of fake news was instrumental in the perpetuation of misinformation across India. ‘Fake news’ is a term read more

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How to identify the fake news? #Senditback

In the last few years, fake news has proved to be a social media epidemic. Fake news refers to the deliberate spread of misinformation through both traditional and digital forms of media. The issue of fake news is extremely problematic as its spread has resulted in great chaos and violence. It has been known to read more

Lava Z91 smartphone

Unlock with a Glance – Lava Z91 Face Recognition

  Earlier, there were passwords, then came patterns, then finger touch, and recently face recognition. Each security measure has its own advantages. However, Facial recognition by far is the most convenient, hassle-free, and effective among all. Lava being India’s leading smartphone brand known for offering value for money handsets, smartphones, and tablets have been successful read more

LAVA Groove Fit Earphones

Looking for Best Budget Earphones? Here is Groove Fit by Lava

  One of the most popular gadgets among youngsters today is earphones. Whether you want to take a break from your surroundings, or you just want to indulge in music – you need the perfect pair of earphones. Music has already become so essential, be it returning from office, working out in the gym, or read more

Tips for Safe & Secure Net Banking

Tips to Keep Your Net Banking Password Safe & Secure

  Online banking has many perks – 24/7 access to remotely deposit checks, view balance and manage account transactions anytime, anywhere. More than 75 percent of the world’s population uses online banking for some or the other work. However, threats have arisen as Hackers are active and eager to steal your online banking passwords and read more

Best Android Web Browsers in 2018

The Best Android Web Browsers in 2018

  A good browser makes the smartphone experience even more pleasant and hassle-free. While the initial versions of Android OS used to ship with a browser by default, it was a very bare-bones app which lacked sync and script features. Those were the times when having a third-party browser app on your new Android smartphone read more