The Best Android Web Browsers in 2018

Best Android Web Browsers in 2018


A good browser makes the smartphone experience even more pleasant and hassle-free. While the initial versions of Android OS used to ship with a browser by default, it was a very bare-bones app which lacked sync and script features. Those were the times when having a third-party browser app on your new Android smartphone was a must. However, these days, Google Chrome comes as the default internet browser on all Android devices and remains the browser to beat in terms of features and user-base. If you are heavily invested in the Google Services and use Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Docs, Chrome is the ideal browser app for you. It also has browser-sync features which allow you to carry on your work while switching between mobile and desktop workstations.

But if you are not a huge fan of Google Chrome or already have your browser-sync data elsewhere, there are several other contenders for the best Android browser in the Play Store, let’s have a look.

Best Android Browser in the Play Store:

Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile

It is one of the earliest and most used mobile browsers. The journey of Opera began with desktop PCs, moved to Java-based mobile app called the Opera Mini, and has culminated in a fully-fledged mobile browser called the Opera Mobile. Opera Mobile browser is one of the first browsers to offer data saver mode which uses proprietary data compression to save data when you are using a 4G network. It also has a smart homepage feed which displays news and content based on your browsing habits.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

A hugely popular mobile browser that is known for its security and privacy features, Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is a favorite of the developer community. Firefox Android browser supports ad-blocking and text-to-speech features which makes it a great for uninterrupted browsing experience. The browser also comes with an in-built night mode that reduces the blue-light and minimizes eye-strain when browsing in the dark.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is another popular web browser for Android phones which has gathered a loyal customer base. The browser has features like Dolphin Sonar which lets you search with your voice and offers social media integration as well. Dolphin browser also has advanced gesture controls for a faster, streamlined surfing experience.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The name of this internet browser for Android smartphones may seem a little bit weird but it offers some of the most advanced privacy features in the Android app store. DuckDuckGo browser forces websites to use encryption blocks ad trackers, and never logs your search data. It also has a score for website privacy (A to F) which can help you stay away from unsafe websites on the internet. There is a fire button in the app which you can tap anytime to clear all open tabs and stored data instantly.

So, are you ready to try out these browsers? Before you install one of these, do note that the latest Android Phones are required to take advantage of modern browser features such as HTML5 and JavaScript. Also, keeping your phone updated with the latest version of Android OS results in a safer and smoother web browsing experience. If you are using an older phone and the browsing experience is lagging, perhaps it is time to buy a new Android smartphone.

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