Android Smartphone Buying Guide: Why Processor and RAM Matter

Android Smartphone Buying Guide

Android Smartphone Buying Guide

Quite often it happens that when you go to buy a new Android smartphone, the retailer starts by telling you about the screens size, camera, connectivity features (4G phone, WiFi and Bluetooth, etc), and battery life, but one thing most buyers are not told about is performance. Of course all phones seem silky smooth to operate on first use, but how well would they perform once you install a few apps on them? In this post we shall be covering the importance of having a good processor and RAM in your phone.

Type, Function and Quality

When buying a new smartphone, make sure that you ask for a Quad-Core processor. The processor determines how much power your phone has to run apps and games. There are two types of tasks that processors execute,

Single Threaded

Where you are using only a single app or game at a time and there are no other apps running in the background, and

Multi Threaded

Where you are simultaneously running your favourite apps and constantly switching between them using the Android task switcher.

As you can see, single threaded usage is much less demanding on your phone’s hardware than multitasking – that’s why most store executives only show you the single threaded use. Lava smartphones come with the latest Quad-Core processors and offer versatile performance, running apps without crashes, processing camera images faster, and executing browser scripts for a smoother online experience.

If we consider the processor as the arms that execute tasks, then the RAM would be the brains. RAM saves the important bits of app data for quick access, allowing faster launch of apps. Thus, the more RAM you have, the more tasks you can run, right? Well, yes and no. RAM quality also matters when it comes to memory processing – a good quality 2GB RAM will work as efficiently as an inferior quality 3 or 4GB RAM. The reason being RAM speed, a good quality RAM can access data faster and therefore can provide real-time access to apps which are not present in the memory, whereas poor quality RAM struggles with accessing data stored on your primary storage, thereby causing lags.

While this is a case with RAM modules used in most Chinese smartphones, as an Indian smartphone maker Lava Mobiles uses superior, fast performance RAM across its smartphone range.So, if you are upgrading your phone soon, visit our official website and checkout our latest Android smartphones with 3GB and 4GB RAM.




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