Android is the Best Mobile OS You Can Get in 2018

The Best Features of Android OS 8

Android is the Best Mobile OS

Android is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system, and not without reason. The OS has come a long way from its initial stages to become the best mobile OS you can get right now. Here’s why…

Google Play Store

The Play Store offers thousands of quality apps for productivity and entertainment. This means when you are buying an Android Smartphoneyou are not just buying a product, but an experience.

Google Play Services

Furthermore, Google gives you access to search, music, videos, ebooks and other digital content to enhance your life. Integration of wallet services means you can easily transfer money to your family, friends or vendors.

Privacy and Security

Protection of private data is very important in this day and age of Digital India. Android OS is one of the most secure operating systems in the world today. Google releases regular security patches to counter new viruses and hacking attacks.

Versatile Hardware Support

While most other mobile operating systems are restricted to the use of particular hardware, Android is more versatile and therefore you can get a variety of Android smartphones online and offline. This means you can have larger screen size, more powerful processors, better RAM and ROM, and bigger batteries inside your phones.

Lava Z Series

The Lava Z Series is meant for users looking for a great Android smartphone at a great price. Offering a varying set of hardware specifications the Lava Z Series offers smartphones at various price points. Click here to browse the Lava Z Series Android smartphones and order your new smartphone online today.

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