5 Things to do when you buy a new smartphone

Upgraded from 4G to a 5G smartphone and wondering how to set up your new device? In today’s post, we are sharing five things to do after buying a new smartphone. But before we begin, let’s cover some basics for setting up a new Android phone for first time users. Login using a Google account read more

Smartphone Screen Technology

Smartphone Screen Technology: IPS HD Display Explained

  Display technology is one of the primary things to consider when buying a new Android smartphone. As different vendors use different screen technologies, the quality of the phone you buy may also come down to the brand. Now, unfortunately, screen technology is where most budget-oriented smartphone brands cut costs by implementing inferior screens. So, read more

Looking for a power packed smartphone.here is Lava Z61 TH

Lava Z61 Smartphone – A Device That is Slim Yet Packed with Power

Global Smartphone makers are advancing rapidly to keep pace with the speeding growth of technological advancement. Choosing the right phone for you can be tough due to variety of smartphones available in the market. Usually the one featuring the latest trends and offering the most significant value-for-money, is the finest of all. Lava Mobiles, India’s read more

protect your smartphone

Tips to keep Your Smartphone Away From Mishap

In this digital era, the latest mobile phones are powerful enough to serve the purpose of a laptop. They have become an essential part of our daily life. However, with increasing dependency on our smartphones, it’s vital to secure your device from viruses, spyware and data theft. Along with protecting your data and information from read more

These trending game_thumbnail

These Trending Games are Must Play on your Smartphone

Beating desktop, tablets and gaming consoles, smartphones are gaining their popularity as the most popular gaming device. Mobile games are one of the biggest attractions in youth and gaming has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology. Android games seem to be reaching new heights every year and are only improving over read more

LAVA Dual Sim Smartphones

Dual Sim Dual Fun. Why Dual Sim Smartphones Better Choice

  A dual SIM phone means that you have a personal phone connection and a business connection on the same device. The operating system of a dual SIM device allows users to quickly switch between the two numbers. When you’re making a call, you can decide from which number to make the call and the read more

LAVA Smartphone Camera

Tips for Good Smartphone Photography

  The ability to show your images to the world on platforms such as Instagram has made mobile photography an incredibly vibrant genre. And for that, you need to be camera ready always. Your phone camera is your best camera because it’s always with you. When people say this about mobile photography, they’re usually talking read more