How to Maximise the Storage on Your Smartphone?

The evolution of storage space on mobile phones has been remarkable since the inception of the first mobile phone. The first mobile phones had very limited storage space of only a few kilobytes, which could hardly store any data. However, with the advent of smartphones, the storage space on mobile phones increased dramatically. In the read more


Verdict is Out: The Best Smartphones Under ₹10,000

Yes, finding mobile phones in India under ₹10,000 is not a big deal at the movement, particularly with ₹5000 to ₹7000 being the hottest price segment in the Indian mobile market. There is literally plenty of fish in the sea, which makes the whole process of buying affordable smartphones or the latest budget phones more read more


Discover 5 Latest Smartphones by Lava Mobiles

Lava Mobiles is one of India’s leading mobile phone brands, offering a wide variety of smartphones with powerful specs and features that cater to every budget. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 latest Lava smartphones that are sure to make you switch from your current device. From entry-level handsets read more

7 tips for smartphone safety by Lava Mobiles

Revealed: 7 Insider Secrets to Make Your Smartphone More Secure

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Not only do we use them to stay connected with family and friends, but also to store important information. As a result, we must take the necessary steps to make sure our phones are secure.  This blog post from Lava Mobiles will provide seven tips read more


5 Things to do when you buy a new smartphone

Upgraded from 4G to a 5G smartphone and wondering how to set up your new device? In today’s post, we are sharing five things to do after buying a new smartphone. But before we begin, let’s cover some basics for setting up a new Android phone for first time users. Login using a Google account read more

Smartphone Screen Technology

Smartphone Screen Technology: IPS HD Display Explained

  Display technology is one of the primary things to consider when buying a new Android smartphone. As different vendors use different screen technologies, the quality of the phone you buy may also come down to the brand. Now, unfortunately, screen technology is where most budget-oriented smartphone brands cut costs by implementing inferior screens. So, read more

Looking for a power packed is Lava Z61 TH

Lava Z61 Smartphone – A Device That is Slim Yet Packed with Power

Global Smartphone makers are advancing rapidly to keep pace with the speeding growth of technological advancement. Choosing the right phone for you can be tough due to variety of smartphones available in the market. Usually the one featuring the latest trends and offering the most significant value-for-money, is the finest of all. Lava Mobiles, India’s read more

protect your smartphone

Tips to keep Your Smartphone Away From Mishap

In this digital era, the latest mobile phones are powerful enough to serve the purpose of a laptop. They have become an essential part of our daily life. However, with increasing dependency on our smartphones, it’s vital to secure your device from viruses, spyware and data theft. Along with protecting your data and information from read more