6 Best M-Learning Apps for Android Smartphones

Best M-Learning Apps for Android Smartphones


Last time around we did a piece on how smartphones can enable e-learning, also known as m-learning these days. Today, we are sharing a list of apps for m-learning through your Android Smartphone.

  1. Amazon Kindle Android App

Amazon Kindle Android Mobile App

We all know about Kindle Book Readers, but Amazon also has a dedicated app for Android OS on the Google Play Store. You can download the app for free and browse through the extensive Amazon library of online books. Some books are free to download and read, and some you will have to buy online. Anyhow, e-books are always less expensive than physical copies.

  1. Khan Academy

 Khan Academy Adnroid Mopbile App

This is one of the most used online learning app on the Google Play Store. The app has course material on commonly taught school subjects such as mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, etc. The app also uses interactive videos for online teaching, and the best part is, it is free to use.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo Mobile App

If you are passionate about learning new languages, Duolingo is one of the most popular apps out there at the moment. Its simplistic layout and innovative learning techniques – mini games – make it fun to use. The app supports over a dozen foreign languages and is completely free.

  1. SoloLearn App Suite

 SoloLearn App Suite

SoloLearn is a developer who has released multiple apps for teaching computer programming. You can learn web languages such as HTML or opt for conventional languages like C++ and Java or go for more specialized skills with Python. Each language has a dedicated app, and all SoloLearn apps are free to use.

  1. PhotoMath

 PhotoMath Android Mobile App

Math problems have riled students all over the world, PhotoMath aims to resolve that by providing step-by-step instructions and solutions. The app uses your phone’s camera to read questions that you write down and provides an answer.

  1. YouTube

YouTube Mobile App

Well don’t be surprised to see this app here, we all use YouTube to search for solutions to common day-to-day problems. Incidentally, there are many YouTube channels which offer step-by-step academic guides and online classes.

Buying Guide for a New Android Phone for M-learning

If you are looking for a new smartphone to take online academic lessons, you can start by comparing phones with larger screens and faster processor and RAM speeds. 4G connectivity is also a vital part of this package, as when combined, these features will ensure an uninterrupted learning experience. Lava Mobiles has a range of large screen smartphones with fast Quad-core processors and 3GB RAM, which now come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

Visit the Lava products page here.

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