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The advent of 5G has brought a new era of possibilities for smartphone users. From mobile gaming to instant social media posts and watching your favorite TV shows and movies, everything just got a lot faster. But what else can you do to further enhance your smartphone experience?

Well, for starters, you can pair your 5G smartphone with some accessories to enhance your work and play. In this post, we cover the top five accessories that complement your Lava Blaze 5G. First, let’s have a look at smartphone accessories from Lava Mobiles.

Probuds by Lava

Offering a pulsating bass performance, Probuds by Lava are among the best wireless earphones in the market today. With up to 5 hours of battery power and 20-hour extension with the 500mAh charging case, you will be hard-pressed to find a better pair of Bluetooth earbuds. The lightweight design and snug fit of these earbuds makes them ideal for long-time wearability. What’s more? Lava Probuds switch on automatically and connect to the Lava Blaze 5G when you open the case.

Lava Probuds N11 is the first neckband with a Dash Switch to pause and play your music on the go. Offering environmental noise cancellation and over 42 hours of playtime, the Probuds can you keep you grooving even if you miss a charge or two. To top it off, Type-C fast charging gives you 13 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charge.

Lava Befit Fitness Band

Fully monitor your heart rate, body temperature, SpO2 and sleep cycles with Lava Befit fitness tracker. The fitness band also offers feature found only on premium fitness trackers, such as activity tracking, sedentary reminder, phone finder, and more. And its all-day battery life keeps you alert and healthy without breaking a sweat.

Lava Power Bank P2

With the fun and fitness parts covered, all you need is more power. The Lava Power Bank P2 is the perfect companion for daily power top ups for you Blaze 5G and its smartphone accessories. Featuring a sleek and elegant design, this 10000 mAh power bank from Lava Mobiles offers 15-watt USB-C fast charging and dual port output. At just 8 mm thick, the P2 is among the more stylish mobile powerbanks out there.

Now, let’s explore some non-brand accessories for Lava Blaze 5G

Bluetooth speaker

There are times when you need your music in the air. A portable Bluetooth speaker can help do that pronto. Get something pocketable, that comes with decent drivers 5w or 10w output, with good mids and lows.

Phone stand

What’s the point of owning a 6.5” inch smartphone display if you are not using it for watching movies and playing games? Here, a sturdy phone stand definitely comes in handy for propping up the smartphone at ideal height and distance. Find one with soft materials that do not scratch the phone’s sides and back or cover the speakers, and you are good to go.

Looking for a smartphone?

If it’s been a while since you upgraded your smartphone, explore the Lava Blaze 5G 6GB RAM which supports all Indian 5G bands and comes with MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G Processor and Android 12.

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