Latest Features Offered by 4G Mobile Phones


Latest Features of $g Mobile Phones

WAP was one of the best things, when mobile phones got the internet. As we know that firstly 2G was launched, then it was 3G and nowadays it is 4G; which has become one of the best-selling networks in smartphones. Using a 4G mobile phones on version 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, means that you are getting 10 times faster internet speed than a 3G network. It can easily download heavy files in one go. Let’s discus here;

Latest Features of 4G Mobile Phones in India

4G phones are different from 3G and 2G phones

As it is the 4th generation of mobile technology, you get the maximum data speed in 3G is 384kbps but in 4G the speed is 100mbps, which is much faster. You can see the different data symbol on the top your network bar like E, 3G, H, LTE and sometimes you get confused as to what they stand for in terms of speed? These symbol stand for Edge and different releases (35, HSPS, HSPA+). In 4G services, you get better data services and all kind of related things which you were not getting from other broadband service providers whether at your office or home.

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Any of your fancy phones are not worth the price until it gets a good data connection, because in these times you need a mobile data connection, to work remotely, to check your emails if you are not in office, checking the latest updates on Facebook, watching videos in your spare time and have fun while playing games.

Better Voice Quality over Video Calling

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With a 4G network, you get better voice quality and rarely you might come across call drops. This facility of 4GVoLTE gives you the authentic video chat via sending instant messaging and video voicemail. You can use these facilities directly from your 4G smartphone to another phone without the support of the third party apps like Skype or Facebook. 4G provides you High Definition (HD) Voice calling, and to make a HD voice call you need a phone that supports 4GVoLTE service in your area. The other side must also meet the same requirements. The HD Voice calling utilizes the mobile data network and they are smart enough to identify the voice packages pack.

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Eventually, for loads of fun in life, to keep ourselves busy and happy we need a fast data connection, and this is where 4G comes into our lives. With a 4G data connection, you get a much faster Internet speed connection and which is ten times faster than a 3G network. Not every smartphone supports 4G networks but you can get 4G enabled smartphones on Lava websites & any authorized dealer selling LAVA phones at affordable prices.


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