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These Trending Games are Must Play on your Smartphone

Beating desktop, tablets and gaming consoles, smartphones are gaining their popularity as the most popular gaming device. Mobile games are one of the biggest attractions in youth and gaming has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology. Android games seem to be reaching new heights every year and are only improving over read more

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These Music Apps Have All That You Are Searching For

Nowadays, your smartphone or tablet can become the ultimate music-discovery tool with the push of a button, thanks to the quality audio apps available for download. Evolution of digital music has been remarkable from downloading MP3 files, to converting YouTube videos into MP3, and now streaming online. These music streaming apps are offering a huge read more


Pay and Exchange Money Anywhere and Anytime with These Applications

The future of the banking industry is shaping with the increasing use of mobile wallet apps. Digital payment wallet is a system which securely stores your card details, passwords, virtual money, and details of transactions through which you can carry out most baking function with ease. These digital payment apps are mainly adopted in India read more

LAVA Smartphones Camera

Interesting Methods to Click Amazing Photos in Rain

  At the point when dark clouds roll in and rain begins falling, the vast majority of us keep running for cover, however many photographers run to grab their cameras. What’s so extraordinary about rain? Without a doubt, it can make things look grim, yet it can make familiar scenes look new in a number read more

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Dual Sim Dual Fun. Why Dual Sim Smartphones Better Choice

  A dual SIM phone means that you have a personal phone connection and a business connection on the same device. The operating system of a dual SIM device allows users to quickly switch between the two numbers. When you’re making a call, you can decide from which number to make the call and the read more

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Smart Choice with Lava Z91 | Price, Features, and Specifications

  With the increasing pace of technological advancement, the options for smartphones in the market are increasing and choosing the right phone is getting more and more complicated. Aspects of smartphones are deviating with respect to power, specifications, features, design and obviously, the price. The one excelling in all fields and offering the most significant read more