LAVA Ivory Plus 4G

The Ivory Plus 4G – Latest Tablet from Lava

  Getting a decent Android tablet has become increasingly difficult these days. Most Android tablets in the market are running on years old processors and OS versions. They also lack in battery performance, the bar for which has been raised significantly in recent years. Another reason for the underperformance of Android tablets has been their read more

Smartphone Screen Technology

Smartphone Screen Technology: IPS HD Display Explained

  Display technology is one of the primary things to consider when buying a new Android smartphone. As different vendors use different screen technologies, the quality of the phone you buy may also come down to the brand. Now, unfortunately, screen technology is where most budget-oriented smartphone brands cut costs by implementing inferior screens. So, read more

Looking for a power packed is Lava Z61 TH

Lava Z61 Smartphone – A Device That is Slim Yet Packed with Power

Global Smartphone makers are advancing rapidly to keep pace with the speeding growth of technological advancement. Choosing the right phone for you can be tough due to variety of smartphones available in the market. Usually the one featuring the latest trends and offering the most significant value-for-money, is the finest of all. Lava Mobiles, India’s read more

benefits of Full HD+ displays

What are Benefits of Full HD Display? – LAVA Mobiles

  Full HD Display is no longer a term you can associate with TVs alone because this technology is now being used in just about every flagship smartphone today. HD stands for high definition. HD simply means a pixel measurement of 1280 x 720 pixels. No matter how large the screen is, as long as read more

applications for your day-to-day usage

There are Some Applications for Your Day-To-Day Usage

Smartphones are constantly revolutionizing the concept of convenience and we are always looking for ways to set a new level of efficiency in our lives. Smartphones have already become an inevitable part of our lives, and that is something one cannot fail to accept. They have revolutionized the way we work, play and communicate, but read more

protect your smartphone

Tips to keep Your Smartphone Away From Mishap

In this digital era, the latest mobile phones are powerful enough to serve the purpose of a laptop. They have become an essential part of our daily life. However, with increasing dependency on our smartphones, it’s vital to secure your device from viruses, spyware and data theft. Along with protecting your data and information from read more

Photo Editing Apps

These Android Apps will Add Some Fun to Your Photos!

In recent times, smartphones have replaced your point-and-shoot cameras. One way smartphone cameras outperform top-of-the-line digital cameras is with added editing features.  They are portable and perfect for creating impactful, stirring images, as well as casual snapshots and selfies. The best part is you can share the photos in real-time with your friends, family, and read more

find out proudlyindian_thumbnail

Find Out When the Whole Nation Shouted Out Loud #ProudlyIndian

The release of #ProudlyIndian campaign by Lava International, Indian mobile phone major was a big step in their novel initiative ‘Design in India’, an inspiration from ‘Make in India’. Lava, as a brand, believes that India is a feeling of honor and pride and not just a country. The heartfelt video beautifully shows a little read more