LAVA Smarthomes Display

What is In-Cell display? What are its benefits?

  The world seems to be carried away by technology, only for easing and comforting our lives. Advancement in technology is leading to better features, designs, and interface for us to experience. Talking of latest technologies, In-Cell screen technology is the standard of displays is trending for allowing mobile devices, such as smartphones, to have read more

LAVA Mobiles Make in India

Here’s How LAVA Mobiles is Taking ‘Make in India’ to Next Level

  There has been a dramatic increase in handset competition along with India’s remarkable adoption of smartphones. The growing demand for smartphones has made Indian market a target for top international mobile brands. Being second largest in population, the growth for mobile companies is definitely on a rise here. However, Indian smartphone companies have raised read more

Lava Z61 Smartphone

Looking for A Device that is Slim Yet Packed with Power? Here’s Lava Z61

  Global Smartphone makers are advancing rapidly to keep pace with the speeding growth of technological advancement. Choosing the right phone for you can be tough with a variety of smartphones in the market. Usually, the one featuring the latest trends and offering the most significant value-for-money is the finest of all.   Lava Mobiles, read more

LAVA Smartphone Camera

Tips for Good Smartphone Photography

  The ability to show your images to the world on platforms such as Instagram has made mobile photography an incredibly vibrant genre. And for that, you need to be camera ready always. Your phone camera is your best camera because it’s always with you. When people say this about mobile photography, they’re usually talking read more

Latest Android Oreo (Go Edition) Features

Know All About the Latest Android Oreo (Go Edition)

  Android Oreo Go Edition fine tunes performance & usability of devices with specific hardware configurations. It comes with Google Play Store installed, but it pushes apps designed for Go or those that operate best on it, to the forefront. You can still install all regular Android apps though, so there are no restrictions in read more

how to increase battery on your smartphone

How to Keep Your Smartphone Battery Intact and Last Long?

  Technology has been successful in making us its slaves and has let us know the importance of gadgets in our lives. Laptops and Smartphones are the most important ones of them all. And for them, their battery is the most important thing to keep them going. Smartphone batteries don’t last forever, and some devices have read more

save your device from viruses

Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Install an Antivirus on Your Phone!

  Years ago the first thing you needed to load on a brand new computer was anti-virus and malware applications. The internet was a mine field of malicious content that could infect your entire home network with one wrong click. Yet things have changed dramatically. We’ve been focusing on the importance of antivirus software, but read more