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How are the latest 4G Smartphones different from 3G Phones?

In the mobile telecom industry, we often hear about the terms 3G and 4G even 5G. But we get confused exactly what are they and how they are different from each other? The major difference between 3G and 4G is the data speed. G is stands for Generation, like 3G and 4G network smartphones which read more


How to use your 4G Mobile Phone in India?

Smartphones are no longer for communicating only, rather it is being used for much more. They have become better and smarter. The companies have an increased focus on digital businesses with the usage of 4G smartphones platform, instead of a PC or a laptop. The 4G mobile phones, saves a lot of time since we read more

Lava Company Owned Customer Mobile Service Center

Lava Launches Company – Owned Customer Mobile Service Center

The Domestic smartphone mobile company Lava launches its first Company – Owned Customer Service center in India which is located in Noida, where the customers will be able to experience and view the repair of their handsets completely in front of them. It will be a one-stop destination which is to provide over the counter, mobile hardware and read more


Latest Lava Smartphone pack with Superpower Saver Mode feature

Battery down!!! When you are traveling, or using your cell phone for a long time, it gives you an alarm that your phone battery is no more be active. That time you realize that you could have bought a smartphone which had long-lasting battery and an option like Superpower saver mode. With that you can read more