Latest Smartphones Are More Like Mobile Computers

A decade ago, smartphones used to signify phones which let you send mail, listen to music and do some basic browsing, besides letting you make calls and send messages. Since that time, we have seen a drastic shift in the technology, the latest smartphones today are like mini computers. You can use them to do read more

Latest Smartphone Camera Features

Smartphone Camera Features Explained

Modern camera phones offer image customizations which we couldn’t have imagined some years back. The advent of social media and the transformation of a cellphone into a smartphone has been so rapid that most of smartphone users are not utilizing the full potential of their device. In today’s post, we cover the smartphone camera features read more


Lava’s Initiatives for E-Waste Management

E-waste or electronic waste is created when an electronic product is discarded after the end of its useful life. The rapid expansion of technology means we are creating a very large amount of e-waste every passing minute. Discarding e-waste is harder than municipal waste due to a wide variety of metals and chemicals used during read more


Lava Z Series smartphones with Features, Price and Specifications

Lava Mobiles is a leading name in the Indian Smartphone Market. The company offers a selection of budget and premium handsets for the aspiring Indian users. Recently, the company introduced a number of new Android smartphones under its Z series. With superior performance and great camera features, the Lava Z series has become a veritable read more

Batter Battery In Lava Mobiles

Tricks To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

While smartphones and tablets are rivalling modern PCs in performance and productivity related tasks, there is one downside to these devices i.e. battery life. With latest cellular technologies such as 4G LTE, larger displays and powerful processing chips, your phone’s battery might get drained much faster. Today, we are sharing; Tips to Make your Smartphones Battery read more


Understanding Screen Technology: What is In-Cell

Touchscreen smartphones, traditionally use a screen technology called on-cell. In on-cell displays, your phone has an LCD panel and a digitiser. The LCD panel shows you the images, such as icons and images, and when you use gestures on screen to perform functions, the digitiser takes input and prompts that action. Now, having a digitiser read more

Top Features to Look for in an Office Laptop

Top Features to Look for in an Office Laptop

  Your office laptop is a tool that can make all the difference in your work–life balance. A fast and versatile office machine enhances your productivity, opening up space for a successful career development. Also, when you are working more efficiently, you are saving more time for your family and friends. If you are looking read more

Make your Smartphone a Personal TV

Make your Smartphone a Personal TV / Top Mobile TV Apps

  Modern smartphones are rapidly replacing the devices we use for productivity and entertainment. With a slew of productivity suites and data sync services leading app downloads on the Google Play Store, the importance of a Smartphone for office use is quite apparent. However, phones with larger displays are also taking over the entertainment landscape read more