Will 4G drain my phone's battery

Will 4G drain my phone’s battery?

  Yes and no.   Many users have been asking the same question ever since the 4G revolution started in India. The thing users must understand is that smartphone battery life depends more on the way they use their phone rather than the underlying technology. It is true that the LTE radio which enables 4G read more

Benefits of M-Learning

How Mobile Learning is Changing Modern Education

  One of the sectors which is benefitting the most from the advent of mobile phone technology is education. M-learning has transformed the way teachers and students interact with each other, and many schools in the country are adopting m-learning as an effective tool for imparting knowledge.There are a variety of educational benefits schools of read more

Aviate App Launcher

Top 3 Android Launchers

  The beauty of Android OS is the level of customisability it offers. Since its inception Android has been the choice of people who want a little more control over how their smartphone UI looks and operates. While stock Android has become quite customisable and easy to use in its own right, there are several read more