Latest Price List, November 2014: Discover and ARC Series

  Every Lava phone that you buy will be worth every penny, as we at Lava value your hard-earned money. Discover series, Your Passport to the Internet: The Discover series from Lava have specially been designed in collaboration with Google to provide customers with EDGE enabled applications. All models except DIS NEO support EDGE. Lava read more


Top 5 Budget Smartphones in November

The premium end of the smart phone market may get all the hype and publicity, but here in India, it is the budget phones that reign supreme when it comes to sales. Each month, thousands of new customers buy budget smart phones either because that is what their budget allows or because they haven’t used read more

Smartphones: A Sneak Peek of the Decade Gone By!

The past decade has seen immense growth in the world of mobile phones. In fact, a few years ago, smartphones were something that only super busy business men would use. Only a few people in India had the money to buy a mobile phone and an expensive plan to boast of while the rest of read more


Lava QPAD R704: A tablet For the Masses

  Tablets have become the go-to devices for almost all our entertainment needs. They are basically smart phones with more screen real estate and bigger battery which makes them ideal for surfing the internet and watching videos. In fact, tablets were the main reason why the netbook died. However, tablets were initially considered to be read more

Lava Mobiles Comes Closer to Home

  Lava International has witnessed a huge spike in growth during recent times thanks to our customers who have warmly accepted our products into their lives. In fact, we have been steadily increasing from strength to strength with a vision to become India’s first multinational consumer goods company. In its first move to setup manufacturing read more

Lava Iris X5: A phone worthy of a World Record

  When 800 odd students collectively resolve for something as big as a World record, what follows is sheer magic! This 19th of October, 2014 Lava International attempted a world record for the longest chain of Self photographs (Selfies) with unceasing support from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. The venue for the event read more

Lava at the Gartner Symposium

Lava Mobiles is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor with Gartner for their Symposium that was held in the beautiful city of Goa, located along the western coast of India. The prestigious event has already been successfully held in The UAE, South Africa and The USA and we were honored to welcome the Garter Symposium read more


Lava Iris 406Q gets Android KitKat Update

Lava Mobiles’ has launched the Android KitKat in iris 406q. The software update introduces new features that let you do even more with your phone. The update will be available to its users via FOTA (Over the Air Update.) By upgrading to Android Kitkat, you can experience improved performance and new features on your Lava read more