10 Uses for the Front Facing Android Phone Camera


The ‘front facing camera’, the technology that brought on the #Selfie culture is the biggest thing to happen to this generation since the DSLR culture, as far as photography is concerned. With a large number of brands focusing on producing better front facing cameras to promote the #Selfie culture, Android phones have taken the lead in terms of great specifications.

However, this is not all that a front facing camera is good for. Using a good quality android phone, which is the most popular OS currently trending in the Indian market, there are literally ten different things one can do with it.

Lava Iris X5

1. Different Selfies

While the Selfie is just one variant, there are groupies and couplies too in this category that one can take using a front-camera that is high on specifications. These days, wide-angle front facing cameras are specially being integrated in budget phones so that the groupie and couplie pictures come out much better.

2. Video Calling with Friends

One of the biggest advantages of having a front facing cameras and a great 3G or wi-fi connection is that one can always stay in touch with friends and family via a number of video calling applications. All application stores including the Google Play Store offer most of these apps such as Skype for free.

3. Conference Calling

Video calling also drives the business-on-the-go culture that is very important to many young professionals as well big-shots in the industry who have little time but amazing phones that facilitate business at a moment’s notice.

4. Personalized Video Messages

Another use of the front facing camera is to create personalized messages such as birthday wishes and Thank You notes.  There is a plethora of video editing software that can be used to enhance the video’s appeal and another plethora of mobile applications that can be used to send this video across the globe.

5. Banking

Particular banking and finance brands in India have come up with the option of addressing service issues by talking face to face with a customer service representative. The catch is that this face to face rendezvous happens over video calling for which one needs a front facing camera and excellent internet connectivity on their smart phone.

6. Shopping Assistant

Shopping can be tricky, especially if one doesn’t know what the product looks like on them. One can use a front facing camera as a mirror or even take selfies to check out what the item looks like.

7. Online Shopping

Many online shopping portals, especially those that sell eye-wear and head-gear such as sunglasses, hats etc, have come up with this idea wherein the customer clicks a high-quality selfie and virtually tries and buys the product.

8. Medical Selfie

Already a part of the Western medical world, the medical selfie is set to come up in a big way in India. In this type, one clicks a selfie and sends it to the doctor, especially those that treat facial parts such as eye doctors, and the doctor diagnoses the problem based on the picture. However, one of the biggest pre-requisites for this is a high-quality front facing camera that will be able to capture minute details.

9. Podcast or Tutorial Videos

YouTube tutorial videos, or DIY videos as they are called, are among the latest trends on the internet. Instead of adjusting a web cam and being worried about video quality, the front facing camera does a pretty good job of taking care of all these aspects. For all other intents and purposes, video-editing software is freely available on play store for android as well as other platforms.

10. A professional touch-up

When one is getting particularly bored or on the contrary have a big interview in the process but with little time to run to the washroom, the front camera can really come in handy to straighten your makeup or take out any gunk in your teeth.

For all these uses and more, a high-tech front facing camera is a must. The Iris X5 and Iris Selfie 50 are taking the Indian market by storm as the 5 MP front camera with LED flash support and the wide-angle capture capacity add greatly to the appeal of these phones.

Know more about Lava Iris X5 and Iris Selfie 50 here,bit.ly/irisx5 and http://bit.ly/irisselfie50

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