Tricks To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Batter Battery In Lava Mobiles

Batter Battery In Lava Mobiles
While smartphones and tablets are rivalling modern PCs in performance and productivity related tasks, there is one downside to these devices i.e. battery life. With latest cellular technologies such as 4G LTE, larger displays and powerful processing chips, your phone’s battery might get drained much faster.

Today, we are sharing a few tips for you to get more out of your smartphone’s battery.

Charge It!

There is an urban legend of sorts around charging your phone’s battery fully, which says that charging your phone to 100% reduces the battery’s life. While this was true for older Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, the newer Lithium Ion batteries do not have such shortcomings. So the next time you decide to head out of home with your battery charged at 80%, stop a moment and charge it fully for a longer screen-on time.

Disable Fancy Features such as Live Wallpapers

Eye Candy features such as screen animations and live wallpapers do add a novelty to your smartphone, but these features also use up a lot of system resources and eventually affect your phone’s battery life. Use static wallpapers for a longer battery life.

Use the Battery Saver Mode more often

The battery saver mode comes as a default setting in the newer Android smartphones. Enable it when the phone has low battery to save power. The battery saver tones down your processor performance and restricts the aforementioned screen animations for an improved battery life.

Haptic Optimisations for longer battery life

Modern smartphones come with accessibility features, such as touch vibrations and touch tones, turned on by default. These little tactical feedbacks also drain a lot of battery during regular usage. You can disable them by going to Tone Settings on your Android phone and toggling the features on / off.

You can also set the ‘Auto-Sync’ feature on your phone to reduce background app data, but keeping in view the usability, we do not recommend that. You can utilise this feature if you are not a hardcore smartphone user.

Buying a mobile phone with larger battery can also help you get more out of your new Android smartphone. Check out the products from Indian Mobile Company, Lava, if you are looking for a reliable smartphone with long battery life.

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