Lava International Ltd. Crossed USD 1 Billion Revenue Mark

We are proud to announce that we have crossed a $1 billion revenue mark in the recent financial year of 2014-15 and have seen a growth of over 100%. This is a huge milestone for us and we want to congratulate each and every employee, customer, shareholder and commercial partner as this would not have been possible without their love and support.

In the past year, we have also expanded our business in new global markets including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Middle East, Nepal and Thailand and will now move to new markets like Indonesia & Mexico. With a significant contribution of demand coming from international markets, Lava Mobiles have sold more than 26 million handsets in the financial year 2014-15 and recorded group sales of INR 70 billion.

With this achievement, we have become the number 2 player among the Indian brands in the overall handsets as well as in smartphones industry (Source: Cybex Exim Solutions). In Thailand also, Lava is among the top 3 players in the smartphone industry.

The future plans of the company are in line with Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and we have commissioned an assembly line in north India whose production will be scaled up in this financial year. We are also about to create a lot of new job opportunities and are planning to increase our workforce by at least 7000 people in this financial year for strengthening the business and economy of the country.

In the end, we would like to thank all our customers who have warmly accepted our products into their lives and we promise to provide innovative products & services in future also.


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