Lava Helium 14 Notebook: Work, Play, Swap

Lava Helium 14 Laptop

We have launched the first Lava notebook, the Helium 14. Powered by the latest generation Intel processors, the Lava Helium offers versatile performance at a competitive price. Helium 14 is a continuum of our ultra-modern design philosophy and comes with the signature Lava design and build quality. Here are the features which make the Helium your go-to solution for productivity and entertainment.

Stylish and Lightweight Design

Lava Helium 14


The first thing you will notice about the Lava Helium 14 is its bedazzling two-tone finish. The Silver and Purple color variants of Helium 14 are elegantly complimented by the matte black finish on the keyboard & trackpad. Open a world of possibilities on your Helium, with style.


Keeping portability in mind, we have also made the Helium 14, incredibly slim (just 19.4mm at its thickest point) and lightweight. Making the Helium your quintessential choice for on-the-go productivity and entertainment.

Versatile Performance

Lava Helium Gaming Laptop

We envisioned the Helium as an all-round performer, to satisfy both productivity enthusiasts and individuals using it for entertainment. Our choice? A 7th Generation Intel Processor and Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, the two class leaders in personal computing.


The 14nm processors from Intel stay cool under load while providing competitive multitasking performance. And the latest version of Windows OS comes with a host of utility and security upgrades for a safe and stable experience.

Full HD 14” Display

Lava Helium HD Display


We have incorporated a gorgeous 1080p panel in the Lava Helium for an immersive user experience. Watch pictures, videos and games in stunning detail and eye-popping colors on the Helium’s high PPI screen.

Hot-swappable Storage

We wanted to keep LAVA Helium from becoming just another personal computer. So, we made its storage hot-swappable, letting you switch between your personal and work life, on-the-go.


The Helium 14 supports hot-swappable SD card storage up to 128GB. It is personal when you want it to be personal and professional when you are on your way to the office.

Superb Battery Life

Lava Helium Battery


Battery performance is something we have always been very particular about in our smartphones and other products, and the Lava Helium notebook is no exception. Packing a 10,000mAh battery, the Helium is your ultimate camping companion. Make the most of your day with Lava Helium on a single charge.


The all new Lava Helium Laptop gives you the ability to work or play anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to your clunky old laptop and allow the Helium to take over your world of productivity and entertainment. To know more about Lava Helium, click here.







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