Lava A44: Introducing the Best Budget Android Phone of 2017

Stylish Android 7.0 Smartphone

Lava Mobiles presents the Lava A44, a handset with the goodness of Android 7.0 Nougat. The A44 is a budget performer, offering a stylish design and competitive processing power for everyday smartphone users.

The Budget TrendsetterLava A44


Lava A44 inherits the symmetrical design language introduced by Lava, earlier this year. The A44’s dark accents and uniform design belie the popular belief that budget phones cannot be stylish. The phone looks and feels wonderful. Moreover, its 4” form factor and subtle curved edges provide a delightfully ergonomic grip, making it ideal for single-handed use.

Powerful New Processor and Android 7.0

A44 Android 7
Mixing style with substance, the A44 comes with a Quad-core processor and Android Nougat preinstalled. Android 7.0 is faster than previous iterations of the OS and uses way less system resources to run. The new processor lets you take full advantage of multitasking features in Android N, such as the split screen view and real-time app switcher.

Blazing Fast 4G Data Speeds

Lava A44 Fast 4G

With dual sim 4G VoLTE, the Lava A44 provides data speeds to match its performance. Make the most of your 4G connection

– stream music and videos or post updates on social media without annoying delays.


All New Camera Features

A44 Camera Phone

Point, click and capture selfies and videos for your vlogs with the Lava A44. Enhance your photos and videos with Lava camera phone features like video beauty and mode center and increase your fan following. The front and back cameras now have improved ISO performance and minimal shutter lag owing to the software updates in Android N.

If you are just starting your Android journey, the LAVA A44 is perfect for you. It provides the best of both worlds – features and affordability – in a stylish package which will surely turn heads when you take it out of your pocket.




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