Complementing Performance with Style – Lava Helium Notebooks

  Today, laptops have managed to take over the world by storm because of their portability and convenience. These are one of the recent most innovative creations and have greatly impacted how we do things in the 21st Century. In this fast-paced life, everyone wants their gadgets to be handy and all-in-one devices. The laptop market read more

WhatsApp Business

Start Selling Online with WhatsApp Business on your 4G smartphone

The now Facebook-owned company and popular messaging app, WhatsApp has recently launched its business app in India. The app was first launched in US, UK, Indonesia, and Mexico before making its debut in the Indian smartphone market. It makes sense that WhatsApp chose to launch its business app in India given the size and potential read more

How to link your Mobile Number with Aadhar Card from your Phone

How to Link your Mobile Number with Aadhar Card from your Smartphone

Aadhaar has become a comprehensive document for identification and utilisation of public and private sector services in India. The government has advised the citizens to link their Aadhaar Card number with mobile numbers, bank accounts and PAN card to facilitate the promise of mobile governance. In this digital age, when everyone is moving towards 4G read more

Top 4G Smartphone Apps to Expand and Track your business activities

Top 4g Smartphone Apps to Expand and Track Your Business Activities

When you are managing your own business enterprise, it entails a lot of multi-tasking. From keeping track of your financials to follow up with tasks and sending reverts, your day is spent ensuring that all the cogs are in the right place for your business to run smoothly. Nowadays, digital solutions like mobile apps make read more

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live on Lava 4G Smartphones

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live on Lava 4G Smartphones

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to get even better with the Round of 16 knockout stages. If your favorite teams have made it to the death match and you are finding it difficult to keep track of all the match details due to busy work and life schedules, we have a solution for read more


Latest Features Offered by 4G Mobile Phones

WAP was one of the best things, when mobile phones got the internet. As we know that firstly 2G was launched, then it was 3G and nowadays it is 4G; which has become one of the best-selling networks in smartphones. Using a 4G mobile phones on version 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, means that read more